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5 Things Every Dog Wants for the Holidays

1. A Halloween Costume

With Halloween right around the corner, and the amazing entity that is Amazon Prime, it’s not too late to outfit your pup for all hallows’ eve! When picking Halloween costumes for your dog, it’s important to keep a few things in mind.

Just because you’re chilly in the cool October air doesn’t mean your pup is. If you’re going to have your dog in a full body costume, make sure it’s made of a breathable material and keep an eye on their behavior to watch for signs of overheating. There are plenty of hilarious and adorable dog costumes like this one that don’t cover your dog’s entire body and allow their natural coat to do its job.

Planning to take your dog trick or treating or to a Halloween themed party? Keep a watchful eye and make sure your dog doesn’t get into any candy. Xylitol; a popular sweetener, raisins, chocolate and apple seeds are all poisonous for dogs and can quickly turn a night out into a night at the vet’s office.

2. A Fall Sweater

With hunting season in full swing all over the country, the sun setting earlier and cold weather upon us, get a coat for your dog that does it all!

An orange, reflective sweater like this one will keep your pet warm and visible in the woods and at night.

3. An Antler

Naturally shed, pieces of full deer or elk antlers are one of the safest bones that you can give your dog. Antler bone is strong and sturdy which prevents it from easily splintering or cracking and the marrow in antlers is both delicious and nutritious for your dog. Like any toy or bone, antlers do wear down as their chewed. Keep an eye on the size of the antler that your dog is chewing and if it gets smaller than a finger, avoid the choking hazard and toss the antler in the garbage.

4. A Puzzle Toy

With the hustle, bustle and full house that marks the holidays, it’s important to keep our four-legged friends occupied while we entertain company. Puzzle toys are a great way to stimulate your pup and tire them out too!

5. A Buddy

Shelters and rescues all over the world see a large increase in the number of pets that are surrendered into their care immediately following the holiday season. This uptick is due to people buying pets as holiday gifts. We can’t stress enough how important it is to remember that dogs are living, breathing creatures that require constant care and cost money.

If you’re sure that you want to add a furry friend to your family and can manage the responsibilities and cost associated with owning a pet, How I Met My Dog can help. We’ll match you with dogs who are compatible with your lifestyle and personality and are in need of a home this holiday season. Sign up today and meet your canine soulmate. 

​Phone Home

Be sure to put your cell phone as well as your home phone on your dog’s i.d. tag. In the event that your dog gets lost, and found, you want to be reachable, no matter where you are.

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