How I Met My Dog

Our Mission

Every year, a staggering 4,000,000 dogs are surrendered to shelters or need to be rehomed by families who can no longer care for them. Sadly, only half of these dogs ever find another home.

While the reasons for giving up a dog are numerous, many surrenders are due to lifestyle and personality mismatches between dogs and the people who chose to live with them. As a result, many shelter dogs have an unfair strike against them and potential adopters are skeptical about adopting a dog.

Our mission is to break this cycle by giving adopters the much needed assurance that the dog they are bringing home is the “right” dog.

At How I Met My Dog™, we know that every dog is different and so is every person looking for a dog. That’s why we’ve re-engineered the adoption process to focus on behavior and lifestyle over breed and love at first sight. Our P.E.T. Profile™ filters for 30 levels of human and dog compatibility, greatly increasing the odds of successful, long-term relationships.

We believe every dog should have its day, and with How I Met My Dog that day can last a lifetime.

I filled out the online survey detailing our preferences / tendencies / expectations about everything related to owning / training / loving a dog, and immediately felt a sense of accomplishment and peace.
– The Fredette Family