How I Met My Dog

Our Story

“With so many matching sites helping people find their human soulmates, shouldn’t there be one to help people find their canine soulmates?”

Twenty years ago Mary Ann Zeman wanted to rescue a dachshund, but ended up going to a breeder. Her reasoning was that she wanted to be sure to pick the “right” dog. The sum total of her breed research was that dachshunds were “lively” and “brave” and “really cute.”

While she fully intended to get one pup - an outgoing little male, named George—she ended up buying Gracie, George’s littermate, as well. Although siblings, they could not have been more different. George, ever the clown, was thrilled with his new life in Manhattan. Unlike her brother—or her breed description—Gracie cowered in fear on the city streets. She disliked loud noises and meeting new people.

For the next 12 years, living with George was a joy and living with Gracie, a challenge. Mary Ann knew that Gracie could have been happier in a more suitable environment, but rehoming her was just not an option.

After Gracie died, Mary Ann knew her next dog would be a rescue. She also knew that the individual behavior and lifestyle needs of that dog would matter more than breed.

As luck would have it, a friend of a friend was trying to rehome a dog that sounded like a perfect fit. It was. Coincidently, that dog’s name was also Gracie.

Grateful that luck had fostered this ideal, new match, Mary Ann couldn’t help wondering:

  • “Why should finding the right dog be so random?—If every dog is different, shouldn’t we be choosing our dogs on more meaningful criteria than breed description or “love at first sight?””
  • “And with so many matching sites helping humans find their soulmates, shouldn’t there be one that helps people meet their canine soulmates?”

Mary Ann starting searching for the people who could find the answers.

She enlisted co-founders Jodi Andersen and Sharon Mosse to build a core team of experts in dog training, animal behavior, business, technology, and brand expertise—all the skills needed to develop How I Met My Dog,™ a website that custom matches the right people with the right dogs.

What started as an optimist’s idea is now a collaboration of dedicated professionals who are proud to be transforming dog adoption—with our own crew of adopted dogs cheering us on.

Thor is the perfect match for our family. How I Met My Dog was really helpful because it took the guesswork out of the process. I truly felt their survey put them in another league.
– Ravezzi Family