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3 Fun, outdoor fall activities – that all include your dog

It’s unanimous! If you’re a dog parent, no matter where you live, fall is the best season to spend as much time as possible outdoors. With the heat of the summer behind us and the winter chill on its way, the temperate weather of fall opens up all kinds of possibilities for fun things we can do that include our dogs.  Here are three ways for you and your dog to enjoy the great outdoors -- and each other.

Take a Hike

Similar to our own (and our dog’s) varying athletic abilities, hikes come in all shapes and sizes. For you and your dog, a hike may mean a casual stroll through the woods or it could mean a steep ascent up a mountain. All Trails is a terrific App and website that can help you choose a hike that fits your and your dog’s style. You can filter by difficulty, length, time, location, and dog accessibility. Because difficulty is subjective, we suggest reading reviews on All Trails. Most hikes on the app are highly reviewed and openly discuss the pros and cons of the specific hike you’re thinking about taking. No matter what your definition of a hike is, getting outside with your dog to peep some beautiful fall scenery will always be worth the effort.

Food for thought: A tired dog is a well behaved, happy dog!

Sip a Drink

Looking for a place to wind down after your hike? Or maybe you’re just looking to fill your day outside with friends and good food and drinks. An outdoor brewery or vineyard that allows dogs is an awesome way to include your pup on a fun adventure. Cork Hounds is a great website that allows you to put in your location and get a list of local vineyards that are dog friendly. A quick google search of “dog friendly breweries near me” will bring up even more options for a drink and a good time.

Food for thought: We suggest bringing a roll up, travel dog bed with you. That way, your dog can settle down and relax comfortably around the table. Check out one like this.

Stay the Night

If your travels bring you far from home and you find yourself needing a place to stay, the Bring Fido website is a great resource for sniffing out pet friendly hotels. If your dog gets nervous about visiting new places or being displaced from their daily routine, the Anxious Pet Relax & Roll supplement bars are a great item to pack. With CBD infused and non-CBD infused options and 3 perforated sections in each bar, you can tailor your dog’s dosage until you get the combination just right and both you and your dog can rest easy wherever your adventures take you.

Food for thought: If your dog is used to sleeping in a crate, bring it along and your dog will feel as safe and secure as he/she does at home.

Watered Down

Even though it's cool outside, don't forget that during any strenuous activity, your dog will still need plenty of water to stay hydrated and healthy. 

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