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DIY Trendy Pup Clothing for Fall

With autumn upon us and fall temps dropping in, we’ve gathered the best list of DIY projects for turning un-used human clothing into the coziest clothes for your dog! 

1. Hat to Sweater (for small dogs or puppies)

First, go digging for an unused or forgotten about winter hat! Once you find one in a color and material that you think will look dashing on your dog, you’re ready to get started.

  • Lay the hat flat and using a pair of sharp scissors cut the crown of the hat off. This will be the hole that your dog’s head goes through.
  • Next cut a small hole big enough for your dog’s leg on either side of the hat.You may want to measure the distance between your dog’s neck and two front legs to ensure that you make the holes in the perfect position for your dog’s build.
  • That’s it! Slip your dog’s new sweater over their head and put their legs through each leg hole. Voila, a perfect, easy, and cheap dog sweater!
    • If you have a pup with a large barrel chest, try finding a hat made of a stretchy material that will give to the shape of your pup’s body.   

Need a visual guide? Check it out here.

2. Neck warmer (for dogs of all sizes)

Have a dog that could use just a little extra warmth on those nippy fall days but doesn’t love to wear sweaters? Human neck warmers make great pup neck warmers! Just slip one of your own neck warmers over your dog’s head and check to see that the fabric isn’t too tight. 

Need a smaller or bigger neck warmer? Use a pant leg or a sweater arm from an unwanted pair of sweats or a sweatshirt! Cut the top and bottom off of the leg or arm to create a tube of fabric that will keep you pup’s neck warm for years to come! Plus… it’s easy to wash! 

3. Sock to Sweater (for x-small dogs)

Sift through your (or your partner’s) sock drawer and pull out an unwanted, oversized, stretchy sock.

  • Lay the sock flat and using a pair of scissors, cut off the top elastic band of the sock and throw it away.
  • Next, fold the heel of the sock over and cut a ~1inch slit through both layers. Unfold the heel and if needed, cut the slits large enough so that your dog’s legs will fit through the holes.
  • Cut off the toe section of the sock
  • All done! Making sure the top of the sock is positioned around your dog's neck, slip the sock over your dog’s head and slip his/her legs through the holes you made in the heel of the sock. Make sure the sock isn’t too tight for your dog and they have plenty of room to move their legs in the holes.

Need a visual guide? Check it out here.

Have more DIY ideas for keeping pups cozy? Email me at and I’ll add your idea to this list!

Happy Fall Ya’ll.

Is it hot in here? Or is it just me?

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