How I Met My Dog

Great Expectations

Does your relationship with your dog meet your expectations? Believe it or not, expectations are pretty important in determining the overall success of any relationship - and that includes the one with your dog. If you like your personal space and your dog is more velcro than independent or if you like to go for a long run and your dog is a real couch potato, neither of you is really getting what you expected out of your relationship. 

Knowing who you are and what your dog needs - especially when deciding which dog is your best match - is key to whether or not your relationship will last the test of time. How I Met My Dog considers expectations (that’s what the E in our P.E.T. Profile™ stands for) when we custom match you with your canine soulmate, because we want both you and your dog to be happy.

To further explore the importance of expectations and how they can directly affect the long-term success of our relationships with our dogs, our partners at the Center for Canine Behavior Studies  (CCBS) are inviting you to be a part of their mini study on Human Canine Relationship Expectations. Click here to take the study.  

How I Met My Dog and CCBS share a commitment to strengthening the human/canine bond, so we hope you will take a moment to participate in their brief but important questionnaire, as it will help ensure that the dogs we love remain in our homes as trusted and valued companions for life.

​Our matches are rooted in science not marketing

At How I Met My Dog, your P.E.T. profile™ + a dog’s P.E.T. profile™ = your ComPETibility Match.

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