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Toy-rific Toys for Every Dog's Play Style

As you may have already noticed, your dog has a unique personality and a unique play style too. Different play styles often call for different toys. One pup might love a good chase and tug-o-war while the other might be ball obsessed and pounce on anything that squeaks. If you can de-code what your dog’s play style is, you can pinpoint the toys they will like and make the most of your play time.

To discover your dog’s play style, you can do one (or two) of two things:

1. Leave your pup to his/her own devices and observe. It won’t take long before you have a sense of whether your dog is a digger, a chewer, a problem solver, a chaser, or a wrestler. He/she will also let you know if they prefer to play alone or with a partner. 

2. Whip out all the toys and go wild! Toss, slide, squeak, squish, hide and play. The more you spend time playing with your dog, the quicker you will be able to figure out what gets their tail wagging.

Here’s a list of some toys that your dog might love if their play style falls into these categories. Most dogs enjoy more than one type of play so plenty of toys to choose from will keep your pup from getting bored.

Diggers, Hiders & Seekers: (unearthing buried treasure is thrilling):

Snuffle mat

Outward Hound squirrel

Loofa Squeaker Mat Toy

Chewers (anything they can sink their teeth into):

Gmawtlers Shed Antler (whole, not split)

Earth Animal: No Hide 

Problem Solvers (puzzle toys or find-it toys):

Super Fruit Pear

Interactive Seek-A-Treat Puzzle

Interactive Treat Dispensing Toy

Chasers (Will chase for fun!): 

Wobble Wag Giggle Ball

Chuckit Ball Launcher

Wrestlers (Northing beats a good roll on the floor with a plush toy): 

Invincibles Minis Stuffingless Plush Toy

PetSafe Sheepskin Bone 

Team Players (Wanna Play?):


Tug Toy   

Whatever toys your dog ends up loving, be sure to supervise playtime. It’s always best to replace toys that are starting to wear from use rather than have a choke-able size piece fall off. And always inspect any toys for splinters and other damage that might get your dog into trouble. With so many toys on the market today, once you know what type of toy entertains your little one, refreshing the toy box will be easy for you and your dog.

Have fun and enjoy your play time!

​Don’t Toy With Me

Dogs, until taught, do not differentiate between their own toys and kids' toys.

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