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Choosing Dog Based on Lifestyle & Personality
Jodi Anderson is a dog trainer and author of THE LATCHKEY DOG, who has founded, a well-designed human/canine matching algorithm, so good that Dr. Nick Dodman’s Center for Canine Behavior Studies is partnering with the website to move adopters (and purchasers) toward choosing a dog based on compatibilities of basic lifestyle and personality, not breed or looks, so that these relationships last for a lifetime.
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Website will help match you with the perfect shelter dog
For Maryjane Cusack, her dog Bella is much more than a four legged friend. "I have PTSD and when I get down, I really get way down," she explained. "Sometimes you feel like you can't come out of it." But she says Bella gives her a reason to get up in the morning.
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Website Matches Dogs With Adopters
A website called How I Met My Dog is helping people find the perfect pet for them by using personalized profiles for both humans and canines.
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Match for mutts? New website helps people adopt the best dog
People looking for the perfect family pet tend to choose a dog based on appearance or breed - but that's barking up the wrong tree. "If you think they're cute, you bring them home," said Jodi Anderson, a dog trainer and author. That's why Andersen, along with MaryAnn Zeman and Sharon Mosse, founded the new online business How I Met My Dog.
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The perfect pet, from the Internet
Internet dating has worked out pretty well for Jodi Andersen, who met her husband online. Now Andersen has found a new dog: Finn, a lean and stately Weimaraner. She tracked him down on the Internet too. But this time Andersen used a new Internet service, How I Met My Dog, that she helped to build and is launching in New England.
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