How I Met My Dog

Cody and The Adams Family

Dog: Cody
Adopter: The Adams Family
Location: Hopkinton, MA
Adopted From: Brown Dog Coalition

Meet Cody, a How I Met My Dog Success Story!

"We had been trying to adopt a rescue dog for a while and had filled out various shelter applications, but would either not hear back from the shelters or find out that we were behind other applications. We then saw a local news spot highlighting the "How I Met My Dog" site and decided to give it a try.

When Cody came up as a match, we submitted the application through the website. The night that he arrived from Alabama, we got a call from Brown Dog Coalition that the other applicant had not shown up and asked if would we be interested in meeting him that night. We rushed over and brought him home.

Cody is so sweet and gentle. Our pug puppy, Harper, is very high energy so they play together often and have been forming a bond.  He loves being outside, taking longs walks, and just loves to be with us. He is a great fit for our family and we have fallen in love. 

Thank you for providing this service and helping us to find our new family member."

-The Adams Family

Love and Licks to Cody, Harper and the Adams Family!