How I Met My Dog

Harvey and The Lopez Family

Dog: Harvey
Adopter: The Lopez Family
Location: Uxbridge, MA
Adopted From: Pawfect Life

When the Lopez family lost their 13 year old dog in December, the time seemed right to begin the search for a new dog.

Harvey's new mom says:

"What I hadn't realized was how many dogs were out there for the rescuing! It was pretty overwhelming so it seemed that a matching service might be a reasonable and helpful way to narrow the search.

I found the How I Met My Dog survey interesting and useful. Being asked to reflect on one's values, expectations, personality and training style made sense in thinking about what dog might best fit. I had several matches right away, and found those even more clarifying.

Harvey and Lola are such a great match—I am amazed and grateful!

It feels like he's always been here and we are totally smitten!"

Love and licks to Harvey and his new family.