How I Met My Dog

Jack and Betty A.

Dog: Jack
Adopter: Betty A.
Location: MA
Adopted From: Medfield Animal Shelter

Jack's new mom says,

"This is Jack!  He reigns over both my apartment and the main house!  

He has been welcomed by all.  He loves his walks with all family members and his nightly runs with my oldest grandson. He has made an enormous difference in my life. I had a new hip 12/26/2017.  My main purpose for finding Jack was companionship, and he is a marvelous listener, and enjoys reading with me 🤗. I now need a second hip replacement and our walks are not as long but he has been very accommodating more frequent but shorter.  He will be my champion post op.

Thank you again for finding Jack for me."   


Love and licks to Jack and his new mom!