How I Met My Dog

Milo and The Kent Family

Dog: Milo
Adopter: The Kent Family
Location: Cape Cod, MA
Adopted From: Rehomer

"Six weeks ago we had to put our beloved 14 year old Carleigh (a Kerry Blue Terrier) down. Even though she was gone we missed her terribly and “saw” her throughout the house.

Then, we heard about How I Met My Dog, a new web service that custom matches adopters with the right dog, based on behavior and lifestyle. We entered our information and got a match!

Even though How I Met My Dog does not ask about breed, our match was a 1½ year old Kerry Blue Terrier, named Milo, who needed to be rehomed because he did not get along with his canine sister. The match felt like it was meant to be.

Milo has been with us for two weeks and has completely settled in. He fits perfectly in our lifestyle—clearly How I Met My Dog was instrumental in that. He will always love his first mom. She raised him and then made an incredible sacrifice of putting him first. She has made both Milo and our family happy. Milo truly is the perfect dog for our family.

We can’t thank How I Met My Dog enough for creating a platform that exemplifies the most meaningful way for people and dogs to find each other."

Love and licks to Milo, his new family and his first mom.