How I Met My Dog

Oakley and Wilson and The Ackerman Family

Dog: Oakley and Wilson
Adopter: The Ackerman Family
Location: Northport, NY
Adopted From: Bright Starz Neu Life Rescue

Meet Oakley and Wilson,

"We had been talking about getting a dog for quite some time and I knew we wanted to adopt. I also wanted not just one dog ...but two! My son told us about your website and when we went on within a few minutes we had filled out the survey and we're on our way. The survey was easy yet very comprehensive. Within a few hours we were connected through the website with dogs from various shelters based on our survey answers. It just so happened that there were three litter mates that we're a perfect match for us! I only wish we could have taken Oakley and Wilson's sister... we are so happy to have been able to give Wilson and Oakley a loving and caring home. We were told they were rescued out of a kill shelter from North Carolina and they are a mix of lab and plott hound- and everywhere we go people stop and can't believe how handsome they are. Everyone asks what the breed is and we tell them and no one knows what a plot hound is! Well it's the state dog of North Carolina!

The whole family loves them so much and they are currently in puppy kindergarten and we are hoping to have them be very well trained!"

-The Ackerman family

Love and licks to Oakley, Wilson and the Ackerman family