How I Met My Dog

Roscoe and The Fredette Family

Dog: Roscoe
Adopter: The Fredette Family
Location: Uxbridge, MA
Adopted From: Pawfect Life

“My husband Jamie and I owned a dog, named Kalli—she passed away six years ago. Our two (non-furry) children have been begging for another dog for years, but Jamie and I just didn't know if/when we would ever be ready. This past summer, we finally agreed that we could slowly start researching different breeds of dogs to find the “perfect” one for our family (we thought that made sense at the time).

We knew we wanted to try to adopt a dog vs. go through a breeder. We didn't care if the dog had hair/fur—we just wanted him to "fit" with our family.

I was reading the paper one Sunday morning when I saw an article about a new site that was Beta testing in New England. I read the article and thought this is EXACTLY what we need—we are going to find our dog using this How I Met My Dog site.

I filled out the online survey detailing our preferences/tendencies/expectations about everything related to owning/training/loving a dog, and immediately felt a sense of accomplishment and peace. I knew that we were being clear about what we wanted- and now this site was going to narrow down the field/find some dogs for us to choose from that felt the exact same way.

It was so exciting when our matches started coming through- the descriptions of the dogs were detailed and definitely "matched" our specifications. We got some great matches and one of them was Roscoe!

We officially adopted Roscoe almost two weeks ago—and it feels like he has always been a part of our family. He is the friendliest, smartest, cutest, BEST puppy in the world (we might be a little biased)—and we wouldn't have found him without the How I Met My Dog site. Thank you!” Love and licks to Roscoe and his new family.