How I Met My Dog

Willow and Lin W.

Dog: Willow
Adopter: Lin W.
Location: Hopkinton, MA
Adopted From: Brown Dog Coalition

Meet Willow, a How I Met My Dog Success Story!

"After adopting my other dog Ruby 2 years ago, it became apparent that she was a “dogs” dog, more than a “people” dog. She enjoyed her life with me, and was a happy, loving gal, but her true playful, energetic spirit was exhibited in the presence of other canine friends. So I began searching for a new companion.

I had perused rescue sites, and connected with dog people networks, but was not actively applying. I read an article about

“How I Met My” and registered.

Although many dogs were recommended, timing and circumstance delayed my adoption search… until I saw Willow. Her photo was adorable, and her match temperament/personality seemed a perfect fit. I applied quickly, and was thrilled to hear back from Naomi at Brown Dog Coalition. She was extremely helpful and kind, and set up a meet for that night with Willow’s foster family (Willow’s foster mom was amazing too!) Ruby and I met Willow in Naomi’s backyard, and we took her home that night (where the girls allowed me a wee bit of space in my bed during their first night slumber party). I am thankful to have discovered your organization and would recommend it to my friends/family."

-Lin W.

Love and Licks to Willow and her new family and a special thanks to Brown Dog Coalition for partnering with How I Met My Dog!!