How I Met My Dog

Yoda and Judith Taylor

Dog: Yoda
Adopter: Judith Taylor
Location: Hopkinton, MA
Adopted From: Brown Dog Coalition

Meet Yoda, a How I Met My Dog Success Story!

"I saw Susie (now Yoda) on the How I Met My Dog site. This program is terrific in my opinion. They really pay attention to the human profile so dogs are a match. Yoda is everything I wanted in a dog. She loves to play, loves people, great at vet...very loving snuggle pooch but no separation anxiety of any sort. I was skittish about getting another dog...the demise of my beloved Holly was so painful. But Yoda just brings me so much happiness...this was an A+ match!"

-Judy Taylor

A big thank you to Brown Dog Coalition for partnering with How I Met My Dog to find Yoda a wonderful new home!

Love and Licks to Yoda and her new family.