How I Met My Dog

Kokomo and The Mazzuchi Family

Dog: Kokomo
Adopter: The Mazzuchi Family
Location: Uxbridge, MA
Adopted From: Pawfect Life

Meet Kokomo, a How I Met My Dog Success Story!

“This Mississippi boy had been struck by a car and left wrapped around a median on a bridge. He was rescued by Amy Manning and vetted and sent North in February. This boys gate was off and was found to have had a broken pelvis from the accident. The Mazzuchi family who had been interested in adopting "Koko" offered to foster him and provide any exercise or rehabilitation he may need.

Yesterday we met back up at the Sutton Animal Hospital for a recheck with Dr Ober. And what did we find? That Koko has gained 6 lbs - a whopping 10% of his body weight - in pure muscle!! His hind end is stronger and his gate is better and he sits perfectly and he runs....he loves to run!!

This is an amazing story of love and dedication that one awesome family shares with a Pawfect pup. They cared enough to help work with a special boy who needed them most and now the bond they share and the life they live has surpassed all obstacles!!”

Kokomo’s new family says:

“We couldn't be happier with Kokomo, and I think he is pretty happy too! The How I Met My Dog questionnaire led us to the wonderful team at Pawfect Pet Rescue, who we would not have otherwise been aware of and it has been a dream to work with Julie, Lindsey, and their local vet network.”

Sending so much love and tons of licks to Kokomo and the Mazzuchi family!