How I Met My Dog

Don’t just find your dog a new home, find your dog the right new home.

The decision to rehome your dog is heart-wrenching enough. Now the process doesn’t have to be so stressful and uncertain.

How I Met My Dog™ will search for the best match for your dog. We give you the assurance that your dog’s new family will love your dog for who he (or she) really is.

Let’s Find My Dog’s New Home
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How It Works

Take the Survey

Create your dog’s pet profile and we immediately start looking for the best matches.

Review Your Applications

You receive an email every time you get a new application.

Speak With Adopters

You can use your How I Met My Dog dashboard to communicate directly with adopters.

Meet & Greet

If the chemistry feels right, finalize the adoption.

We find the right home because we ask the right questions.

No one knows your dog better than you do. That’s why our in-depth rehoming survey asks about your dog’s behavior, personality, needs, likes, dislikes, and quirks, too. Potential adopters also fill out a 56-question behavior and lifestyle survey. That means every How I Met My Dog match is a custom match.

Choosing a canine companion based on individual behavior and lifestyle compatibility is crucial to the success of the relationships between people and their dogs.
– Dr. Nicholas Dodman Diplomate ACVAA and Diplomate ACVB, Veterinary Behavior Specialist, Former Director of the Animal Behavior Program, Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University, Professor Emeritus, Tufts University

comPETibility matters™

How I Met My Dog digs deeper. Using the key factors of Personality, Expectations, and Training Style, our proprietary P.E.T. Profile™ filters for more than 30 levels of human and dog compatibility. Why so many filters? Because relationships are complex and the one with your furriest family member is no exception.

Communicating through the How I Met My Dog website allows you to decide when it’s time for prospective pet parents to meet you and your dog.

Your dog’s new home is out there.